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    IT Solution company

    We expert in Software Development, IT System Strategy & Planning.

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    Mobile Development

    We Keep Up With The Design Trends Using Creative Design.
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    We Keep Up With The Design Trends Using Creative Design.
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APPZGATE | Singapore based IT consultancy firm


IT Solution provider

company with creativity, innovation and technology. We expert in Consultancy, IT System Strategy & Planning by advising organizations on how to best use Information Technology in achieving their business objectives. We estimate, manage, implement, deploy and administer IT systems, maintenance after deploy on behalf of client organizations that are not IT-savvy. Understand clients IT challenges, identify the business needs, plan out the resources for different projects, manage clients IT project life-cycle are our expertise. Our structured projects, quality, development methodologies, platform and tools are tailored to client's unique business and technical needs.



We keep up with the design trends using creative designs


We excel customers expectation with innovative ideas

it solution provider - Appzgate Appzgate - Consultancy firm


Quality & Timeline is the most priority for us on all projects. We are as efficient as you are successful.


We provide IT-driven business solutions based on our advanced technology and high-quality system platforms.


We expert in IT Consultancy, System Strategy & Planning to acheive the solution for all client's requirements.

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APPZGATE is a technology solutions provider providing development services to various SMBs, Start-ups and Large Organizations across finance, retail, construction, F&B, E-Commerce, logistics domains. We are providing excellent service to customers since 2016. Even though the venture is new, we have very high experienced IT professionals to make sure we do not compromise on the quality and time line. With our extensive knowledge, we have now established excellence to build business and technical architecture for customer’s needs that ensure customer success and growth.

Stable & Reliable

3 years of track record of serving leading organizations. 100% equity owned by management.

Experienced & Focused

Extensive expertise and experience in multiple industry domains. Dedicated to IT professional services and customer-centric.

Technology Leader

Proven track record of serving leading organizations of different domains of business. Although the Company is young, the Team has over 15 years of vast experience in the IT industry.

Excellent Support

Trust and confidence can only be built through sincerity and good after-sales service.

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All our developers resides in Singapore. Our full software development cycle takes place locally, we do not outsource jobs to third party. We believe in quality delivery by allocating dedicated and experienced team. Industry based experienced consultancy services will be provided by best advisers. Serving clients with maintenance team with full support after implementation.
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