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Cloud based POS Solutions in Singapore

If you are a business owner looking for IT software to ease your managing processes, you must have heard about “cloud-based” somewhere.

But what exactly is a cloud-based POS system in Singapore? And why do you need a cloud-based solution while there is a local-based option?

Imagine if you are running a restaurant with 5 outlets located in different zones in Singapore.

You are offering different menus, promotions across different outlets. Staff from each outlet report to you regularly on sales reports and customers’ feedback. You are reviewing reports from multiple portals, information is scattered, and it takes a lot of time and effort for management processes.

What is more, as your system is running in locally, you only get to access the backend at physical outlets. If anything happens to the internet, there is a chance of losing information stored on your local PC.

Are you willing to take the risk of losing all the data? SCARY right.

Therefore, you should upgrade to a cloud-based system. No worries about losing important data as all are saved in the cloud. Moreover, you are welcome to access to admin backend anytime, anywhere, even if you are not in physical outlets. Just use any device to open the browser and you are good to update item information or check sales reports. 

This will be super convenient especially for businesses with multiple outlets. 

So now onwards, if you are thinking to upgrade your POS system, contact us to convince you how life-changing our cloud-based POS system is!

cloud pos system Singapore

3 Things You Should Focus On When Looking For Software Development Services

You have a business plan, you know your goal, you just need an experienced software development company to put the plans into reality.

But what exactly should you focus on when looking for THE MOST suitable software development company? 

1. Communication and Flexibility

If you look up on google, there are tons of vendors providing customized software development. But how many of them can really understand, and being flexible enough to keep the communication and fulfill your needs? 

These intangible details are priceless. And you will never know until you talk with the software development vendors.

Proudly to say, Appzgate Solutions value the needs of all potential clients. We believe communication is the key to a win-win, and we are open to adjustments to meet the requirements, timeline, and most importantly, budget.

2. Solid Technical Expertise 

Needless to say, solid technical expertise is crucial when selecting an ideal software development company. 

But no worries, you are in good hands with Appzgate Solutions! We do not do any outsourcing; all developers are experienced and located locally. Communication is easy and we are always here to assist whenever required. 

3. Cost Effective  

Most of the SMEs are on a budget for each project, especially during the pandemic. You might need to give up on a lot of features to meet the budget. 

We promise to study each case for bringing as much as we can, within your budget. Talk with our team today to find out the best we can offer for each project.