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GPS and map integration helps in locating orders, assignment & driver acknowledge

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Barcode Scanning

Orders can be collected and delivered with ease by using barcode scanning of order from driver mobile App

signature capture icon

Signature Capture

Customer signature can be captured and real time image can be captured to acknowledge the order delivery

digital POD icon

Digital POD

Automatic email with POD can be sent to seller upon successful delivery

email / mobile notification icon

Email / Mobile Notification

Drivers, Sellers and Buyers will be notified on delivery status by email and mobile push notification

calendar view icon

Calendar View

Calendar view to show the orders distributed according to the alotment and status of order

order management icon

Order Management

Admin can manage the orders filtered based on the type and status. Admin web portal and drivers mobile portal is synced to get the updated status both end.

price calculator icon

Price Calculator

Price calculator will calculate the price based on many parameters like weight, dimension, number of orders collection etc.. Accurate invoices will be generated for each seller.

Features of Logistics management systems

We offer one stop solution for logistic application.

drivers and orders management icon

Drivers And Orders Management

Logistic productivity mainly relies on driver and order management. Our driver and order management application can solve all the pain points and ease the operation very effectively.

drivers mobile app icon

Drivers Mobile App

Driver can have the order listing assigned to him. Drivers movement and efficiency can be tracked. Customer Signature can be captured for confirmation.

online ordering system icon

API Integration With Online Ordering System

This system can be integrated with any other online ordering system to link the orders dynamically and send the delivery status back to ordering system.

customer digital signature & POD icon

Customer Digital Signature & POD

Driver can get delivery proof by taking customer digital signature or by uploading photo. Proof of delivery POD will be auto generated and sent through email.

logistics management featured with GPS locator, Signature capture, POD generation