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Cloud-based Learning Management System in Singapore

An effective learning management system can have a significant impact on an organisation’s learning culture, capability development and performance levels. This encourages idea sharing, curiosity, and a thirst for continuous improvement. It also helps you to bring out the best in your people and create a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for learning new things. Appzgate is a one-stop e-learning and deliver online learning in the cloud that works for students and educators. Appzgate is an intuitive and user-friendly solution that provides easy training and learning options to users with the latest available technologies, making it an interesting experience and is an end-to-end online learning solution for your institution. It delivers consistent and dynamic training content to all its users. The interactive features and simple user interface enable users to learn at their own pace and the reports help to track their learning progress. it make it easy to monitor student progress and ensure that they meet specified learning standards. Students have unlimited access to e-Learning materials and can be accessed with their smartphone or tablet. Save time with online learning and deliver the information your students need faster and more organized.

Our LMS Key Features

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A central user portal for all users, administrators, and course creators to securely login and complete tasks.

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Experience API compliant content management system built-in for authoring content and adding elements.

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Provide the user with a configurable dashboard to view all assigned, registered, and in-progress tasks within their courses.

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Certificates, learning badges, and profiles that learners can share to prove their knowledge.

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Automated test scoring and performance management systems based on user behaviors.

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Generate data for reporting and analytics with multiple standard reports or configurable reports.

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Integrated with payment gateway to purchase the courses on one click.

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Technical and course development support, including built-in tutorials and lesson plans.

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Hosted locally in Singapore on AWS servers

E-learning Software Application Development

cloud based learning management system in Singapore

E-learning Platform

Flexible study methods, such as online education, are expected to expand in response to movements toward reskilling and lifelong learning. Implementation of cloud-based solutions and improvements in IT security have increased the adoption rate of online education systems as people can enjoy a smooth learning experience on safe online platforms. Learning management systems (LMS) have become a part of many students’ and employees’ lives as e-Learning has increased in popularity in recent years in Singapore. e-Learning helps educational institutions and businesses to provide students with personalised, accessible, and scalable learning. Learning Management Systems have made it possible for universities to host online classes, administer tests, monitor student progress, and much more.

  • Student self registration
  • Course funnels and roadmaps
  • Upload and deliver learning content
  • Online payment
  • Online course learning
  • Monitor student participation
  • Quiz
  • Grading and scoring
  • Progress tracking & evaluation
  • Generating course completion certificate
The system will generate a Certificate which will be sent to the registered email address of a user who has successfully completed the module and passed the quiz. Confidentiality safeguards are built into the e-learning portal to ensure that customers’ details cannot be accessed by any other parties other than the customer himself. Customers are required to register online using their registered email address and last 4 characters of the personal identification document. Upon successful registration, each customer will be given a OTP (delivered via his registered email address) to allow him to verify the e-learning portal.
E-learning system directs the user to specific learning plans after making the course payment. User has unlimited access to course videos and has to complete the course videos to start the quiz. Users allow to take quiz until they answer all the questions correctly. Authorized users can download the certificate after completing the quiz.