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An online appointment system is a software solution that allows businesses to provide fast access of their services to their potential customers. It allows reserving and paying for an activity or service through your customised portal. Wherever your customers look for service, they can just book through an online scheduling app at any time. We can provide both IOS and Android apps to attract and retain loyal customers. An online appointment system & booking system app developed to your needs will simplify and improve your customer service and will allow visualizing and assessing the workload through optimizing processes and operations.
We provide Singapore scheduling software which is fully customizable and can be adjusted to time slot booking system, meeting room booking system, or booking system app with required features.


Online Appointment Scheduling Software Singapore

New Member Registration

Appzgate appointment booking system helps to promote to attract new customers and retain loyal customers

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Website Integration

Online booking systems can be integrated with websites

Singapore scheduling software with payment

Booking With Payment

Payment gateway can be integrated to the online scheduling app to collect payment upon booking

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Modify and cancel booking

Customers can modify and cancel bookings via booking system app if required

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Email and Mobile App notifications

Notifications can be sent to customers and service providers as booking confirmation and reminders

calendar appointment booking system

Calender Schduling Application

Online appointment system comes with calendar scheduling application, which helps in distribution of jobs and live availability update

reliable time slot booking system

Service/Product module

Services list admin with the attractive view module

online scheduling app

Multiple User Admin Access

Multiple admins creation with different level of access rights


scheduling software for setting of services module,staff management,leave management and many more

Online Appointment System

Scheduling software admin will hold all the setting of services module, slots per day, assigning of jobs to staff, staff management, public holiday management and many more. Admin panel will be the heart of the booking system as all the process flow will be operated from here. This portal can give detailed reports on sales, bookings and allotments.

  • Schedules per day
  • Staff management
  • Customer management
  • Services management
  • Bookings management
  • Listings like payment list and invoices list

Online Booking System Web / Online Scheduling App

This portal provides login, enquire and booking feature for customers. They can choose to user either website or mobile apps to make booking. They can do the online payment to confirm the booking. User-friendly design for customer portal makes the booking experience smooth and attract customers to look for same app for their future requirements. This system plays a huge role in promotion and increase in sales.

  • Online schedule check
  • Online payment
  • Live enquiry with admin
  • Capture signature upon success delivery of service
user-friendly design for customer portal makes the online booking experience smooth

Time slot booking system

Time slot booking system is a customized platform for real time online booking. Ideal for time slot, calendar, appointment, and schedule booking. It enables people to book time on your calendar via the web without having access to any information from your calendar, not even to your free/busy view. It displays a calendar that shows available days. Time slot booking system comes with admin backend for reports and management. Admins can adjust information, check, and export reports from backend system. Features are fully customizable. Appointment scheduling which is based on time slots is the most robust method for business appointment scheduling.

Meeting room booking system

Meeting room booking system is a customized platform for real time room booking. APPZBOOK can be adjusted into a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface for meeting room booking. It is fully customizable to meet your office needs, allowing same day booking and booking in advance. Easy tracking with calendar views and reports. APPZBOOK Meeting room booking system improves employees’ wellbeing and productivity.