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Human Resource / Payroll Software for Singapore SMEs

My Epayroll: Our

HR / Payroll Software

is an application software for all platforms – Web, IOS App and Android App. This application is a combination of systems and processes of Human Resource Management and Information technology to carry out the HR Process. My Epayroll manages the resources with taking care of all aspects and requirements. This system is full featured Payroll which complies with

Singapore Payroll

requirements of leave system, CPF calculation and export, Giro export, IRAS export. This system can be integrated with finance modules like NAV or any other ERP system. This system will give more control for supervisors to monitor and manage the resources under their supervision. Management can generate different reports to monitor the salary expenses and other general reports to see the analysis of hiring process. This gives super power to the management to decide the right direction of hiring and managing.
My Epayroll has timesheet module which helps in monitoring the work handled by each staff. It helps in calculating the OT and project wise calculation. This system also can be integrated with any standard door access system to generate effective reports using this system. This payroll software is a effective tool to monitor leave, OT, project resource requirement, hourly and monthly staff type calculations and many more.

Cloud Based Solution

Easily accessible anywhere anytime as it is not restricted to any network and works on cloud.


This application can reach all types of users as it has multiplatform applications like mobile responsive Web Application, IOS Mobile App and Android Mobile App.

Complete Solution

This Singapore based payroll HR application follows all HR rules of Singapore leave system and CPF system. One solution for all HR needs.

Key Highlights:

best payroll software

Access Controlled

Each module can be access controlled to give permission for the users which makes the system powerful in terms of data security. As Payroll system data is very sensitive, it should have adequate security features to protect the data. Multilevel approvers can be created for leave and attendance modules.
analysis of information

Analysis of Information

Payroll system gives option to keyin all HR required parameters to the system. As huge data will be collected, with the help of databank, extraction of information can be achieved easily. many types of analysis can be done based on different parameters and requirement. These kinds of analysis will help the organisation plan and grow.
easily integrated payroll software singapore

Easily Integrated

Most of the HR integrations are already considered and features are included in the system. Our Payroll system is already in compliance with CPF, Bank Giro, IRAS, Door Access System, Microsoft Navision and many more. All listing is featured with csv export which will help in data extraction to other systems.
attendance / timesheet system

Attendance / Timesheet system

Attendance system /Timesheet system is the key for Payroll system as this will give the actual working detail of staff along with project wise resource usage which will in turn help in calculation for productivity and efficiency of staff and projects.


Personnel Data

We have a powerful and user-friendly HR module that avails analysing, managing, and tracking of your employee data which starts from recruitment to retirement. System can effectively saves all personal data including but not limited to family detail, accommodation detail, all documents expiry dates, course dates, salary progression detail, recruitment and evaluation detail.

Our Payroll system enables you to manage your organisation employees with much ease. Self-service leave module works efficiently to lessen the burden on HR staff by reducing data entry and time for leave tracking. IOS and Android mobile apps can be used by employees to apply and approve leaves. Employees can see his leave application history, application status and balance through is mobile app.

This module offers a range of features and facilities which are as follows,

  • Employee Master and personal details are centralized
  • Employee Master List view along profile pic which is very useful for bigger organisation
  • Exports comprehensive reports, and charting functions
  • IOS and Android mobile applications for leave, PRP and attendance modules
  • Mobile push notification for leave, attendance and other submissions
  • Access controlled for each module. Each user can be given access with modules allotment. High level data security is maintained by this feature.
  • Flexible workflow approval process.


Powerful leave module is implemented in the system which follows all Singapore leave rule set by MOM. Multiple leave groups can be created to have different leave allotment and increments. Monthly leave calendar can be shown to supervisors to approve all together. The leave system is made very user friendly that all the approval levels works smooth.

  • Leave summary gives the organisation level all employee leave balances and allotments.
  • Monthly leave summary gives option for the supervisors to view leave summary of all staff under him and confirm for the month for salary process.
  • Salary module is linked with the leave module.
  • Colleagues leave summary gives overview of the same level staff leave applications which helps in planning for leave applications.

Attendance & Timesheets

Supervisors can allot hourly allotment for each employee under him which can be done using daily schedule or monthly schedule. This will be approved by the site managers which will then be used to calculate the total number of hours worked for month for salary calculation. Attendance module is made very flexible and easy use by giving option for multi-record update. As all these features can be handled by mobile apps, there will be no delay in data updating process.

This module offers a range of features and facilities which are as follows,

  • Allotment of hours for employees with project allocation
  • Hourly Voucher and Payment Voucher acknowledgment signature capture
  • Monthly submissions and special submit for resigned staff
  • Timesheet management for the department and project
  • View self-payment voucher by employee
  • Integration with any standard door access data to get reports with department wise performance


Our Payroll software has a powerful feature of tracking the previous history of the salary increments of employee. This will allow to decide on the future appraisals and increments. Appraisal module comes with 2 level approval so that management do not need to worry on providing HR department the access to appraisal modules.

This module offers a range of features and facilities which are as follows,

  • History view of employee salary and appraisal track
  • Multilevel approving layer to secure the system from unnoticed salary changes
  • Access level control for many features including salary allocation and processing

Performance Related Pay

Recent trend of handling the manpower bonus using performance related pay (PRP), as this method helps in promoting employee performance and increased efficiency. Our payroll system incorporates this interesting feature of allotment of bonus based on employee performance for the month. This can be allotted by the immediate supervisor and approved the one level higher officer. This will automatically be captured at the salary calculation.

  • Multilevel approval from the mobile application
  • Promotes efficiency and performance of employees
  • Linked with the salary processing module

Salary Processing & Payslips

Access controlled feature for salary processing helps in managing different levels of HR staff. Many levels of status is provided in the salary module to segregate the verified and unverified salary processes. This module will compile all the other modules like monthly leave, attendance, PRP, appraisals, deductions, allowance to arrive at final figure automatically. System can auto generate salary slips and assign company chop by using access right. Employee can use mobile apps to view and download payslips. This can help to reduce paper printing of salary slips and go by electronic vouchers.

This module offers a range of features and facilities which are as follows,

  • One salary generation system with integration to multiple modules
  • Electronic payment slip generation
  • Employee signature capture using mobile apps


CPF submission, GIRO export and IRAS export all integrated in our payroll software. This will ease the payroll staff work and increase productivity.

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